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[专考] 四级阅读:男士在下午六点最“听话”

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* u$ K& b5 O c4 o% x0 J2 F# V; H1 C8 H


  broach: to begin talking about a subject that is difficult to discuss, especially because it is embarrassing or because people disagree about it 开始谈论,引入(尤指令人尴尬或有异议的话题)

  steer clear of: 避开

  pounce on: 一把抓住

  trough: a period of time when the level of something is low(低谷)

  capitalise on sth.: to gain a further advantage for yourself from a situation(充分利用;从……中获得更多的好处)

  biorhythm: cyclic pattern of physical, emotional, or mental activity said to occur in the life of a person(生物周期;生物节奏)

  A woman may not always gets what she wants... but she may stand more chance if she waits until 6 pm to ask for it. This is the time when a man is likely to grant a loved one’s wishes, according to a poll.
  Anything from taking out the rubbish to a romantic weekend away is likely to be looked on more favourably if broached at the end of the working day.
  Henpecked husbands should, however, steer clear of having a row mid-afternoon. That’s because 3 pm is the best time for the fairer sex to win an argument, the poll of more than 1,000 men and women found.
  And when it comes to asking for a pay rise or promotion, a woman would do best not to pounce on the boss when he or she arrives for work in the morning, but to wait until 1 pm.
  This is the time that managers are likely to be most receptive to employees’ demands, according to the poll carried out for pharmaceuticals giant and contraceptives manufacturer Bayer Schering Pharma.
  Women, however, will be glad to know that they are not the only sex affected by ‘mood swings’, with the male mindset also changing over the course of the day.
  Some 86 per cent of the 1,019 men and women polled said they were aware of regular peaks and troughs in their mood. But, perhaps not surprisingly, less than half of these had even thought of capitalising on the phenomenon.
  The findings suggest that by being more in touch with biorhythms, or the body’s natural rhythms, we could get what we want more often.
  Mood can be affected by hormones, including those in contraceptives as well as stress, food and alcohol.
  Commenting alongside Bayer’s poll, Evie Bentley, a psychotherapist with a special interest in biorhythms, said: ‘Each biorhythm cycle is regulated by the brain, which controls what hormones and how much of each are produced in order to balance bodily functions.
  ‘A great deal of how a person feels physically, intellectually, and emotionally, is caused by their biorhythms.
  ‘For example, the hormones in our bodies can affect our moods. It is important to choose the right contraceptive option for you to ensure you are in tune with yourself, to complement your natural rhythms.’
( E" a1 E. i+ M
4 O! q6 x( |2 f( s/ A broach 读音[brəutʃ]
$ w2 p; M9 g$ \" r' q9 u, k
' v. q! Y# c- x6 T. G
  • $ `. t6 D8 c$ x2 Y 1.+ k9 X1 |3 k0 O, o. H0 ^ 拉刀5 N' z) ]9 y$ c0 T3 G
    brittleness 脆性...broach 拉刀...broach holder 拉刀
    v+ w6 _! v1 k9 S www.98jx.com - 相关搜索 ( D! u: ~& S2 s2 f, A/ |
    $ w4 i# ]. r4 \* D
  • ) u- E6 U! W: `' s# M. } 2. o8 b. ^! y# P" O 骨髓针,倒刺针 : I* `7 S3 q7 Y! `# Q
    Bro.(bronchoscopy) 支气管镜检查...broach 骨髓针,倒刺针...broad 宽的,宽处
    # V* {4 G. w" R! v www.029edu.com - 相关搜索 5 d4 R) ~8 `, Y8 ]* P0 o8 l
    : c& t, ?: I1 q, V- t) p3 Q; p A
  • - d5 a( j/ j% G4 A6 Q8 P. ?: S* W$ D 3. # [, _* [8 i/ ~8 A$ w; L 锥形尖头工具3 ?, F3 \+ v+ o n) j
    breakthrough height锥进高度...broach锥形尖头工具...Capulisporites剑锥大孢属
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    0 H. M4 c! t7 m# N+ J6 p! Z
  • , m* s7 s( `: N/ u% ^ 4. & ~5 P- d; V# S: j# v1 t7 U 拔髓针4 @. f& P. i' h% B0 i
    broach sharpening machine 拉刀刃磨机...broach 拔髓针...broacher 拉床
    5 F4 r1 j% T. q fane8.com - 相关搜索 8 R4 h: t1 [% l& c5 ~
    + @1 q+ Y- Z, `& |! J

steer clear of 读音
4 u) r9 [0 j5 g4 mpounce on 读音
' Z$ ?# B8 x( e# @( a9 _9 Xtrough 读音[trɔ:f, trɔ:f,trɔf]

capitalise on sth 读音
1 X5 C2 c1 s6 v" N. i Q3 mbiorhythm 读音
6 I t4 O. z8 p+ Q2 F3 o
, `) \% N! l# R+ ~
  • * o9 d4 X9 P" Z3 w$ c! d 1. ; j( v# k; H+ G3 L8 C 生物节律 ! d* i4 T8 z, l) j
    biorheology 生物流变学...biorhythm 生物节律...bioscience 生物科学
    1 D: x% T s3 v5 p4 B5 A www.weldr.net - 相关搜索3 ]5 |+ w& |4 f1 ]2 `' F" `. N
    : l. n, j3 D5 m/ k8 o
  • " ^/ f* S+ P3 A& B ]$ _; Z 2.' d8 w5 }4 c. {0 Z& B6 B4 L 身体平衡性( H# R4 ]4 e8 a" \$ q
    Clutch Factor 身体对抗...biorhythm 身体平衡性...Salary Cap 薪水限制
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    3 I. G0 ]+ r, K! S: z
  • + z) C8 @* M) ]* |8 ] 3.) I# _* }& `) e) _2 L 生物节奏 - A, G, }1 j8 Y$ M H2 z: z
    生物节奏 biorhythm...BIOX.CN
    & q$ j; h5 I5 R7 }( n6 t: p$ H www.biox.cn - 相关搜索 ) I8 w( x0 A( J. A- h( m4 D6 p, [
    & M' k O' ]( p5 j
  • $ i9 l9 V: A% i1 C# R4 J9 G4 Y 4.* c) X9 x- ?. }; M4 F8 T0 ^ 身体平衡 & u3 r8 w. E9 g# W# }+ a- a
    Clutch Factor 身体对抗...biorhythm 身体平衡...Salary Cap 薪水限制
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    7 X! d8 x+ X. O8 u7 m) ^

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