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[求职] 一个求职求学面试中常见的陷阱问题的回答技巧

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关于 Ethical Dilemma 道德两难困境

To recognize that effective managers are able to learn from failure, describe a failure that you have experienced. What did you learn from the experience? (Harvard)
高效率的管理人员应能从失败中学习”. 为了认可这一点:说一个你的失败的经历. 而你又从中学到了什么? (哈佛)

Any applicant who tries to claim or assert perfection on the application would, at best, be treated as a joke. No one is perfect, and no admissions committee expects perfection. Yet, more than any other question, this one strikes fear into the hearts of applicants. However, answering this question does not need to be difficult. You must get past the biggest hurdle -- your own reticence.
任何申请人如果试图在申请中声称自己十全十美,最好结局也只能被当作一个笑话.没谁能十全十美,也没有哪个录取人员指望谁完美无缺.的确,这是一个比其它任何问题都更让考生惧怕的问题. 但是回答这个问题并不一定有多困难你必须要跨过的最大障碍-是你自己的避讳。

Failure often results from good intentions and admirable qualities such as initiative, leadership, and risk taking. Take advantage of the fact that failure will sometimes result from our best qualities. Any leader who has tried to forge a new path has made a mistake somewhere along the way. If you are honest and forthright about the mistake you made, people will remember the intention over the result. Besides, the committee is not interested in judging you on your mistake; they simply want to know how you dealt with it.
失败往往来自于良好的意图和令人赞颂的素质如: 创造性,领导力,勇担风险等。 从失败的事实中获益常常是由于我们最优秀的品质。 任何努力另辟建经的领导人都会在前进的路上犯这样那样的错误。 如果你对自己犯过的错误坦诚直面,人们将超越这个结果而记得你当初的出发点。此外,录取人员不会有兴趣用你的错误来评判你,他们只是想知道你是怎么处理得。

The only real way to flunk this question is to dodge it. If you choose a trite or irrelevant topic, the committee will either question your honesty and your maturity or doubt your ability to lead, take risks, and think outside the box. If you can't admit failure, you probably can't see it coming, or so they think..真正失败的唯一方式是回避这个问题。如果您选择平庸或无关的话题,录取人员会质疑你的诚信和你成熟度,或者怀疑你的领导能力,承担风险的能力和思想不够解放。如果你不能承认失败,你恐怕看不到成功,或者他们会这么想。

If you are having trouble choosing a situation, consider the following guidelines:

1. Choose something that has happened recently. Delving too far into your past is an obvious cop-out.

2. Do not limit yourself to professional failures, but do not shy away from them either. Admissions committees are aware of the risk inherent in choosing job failures and will give you points for being forthright. Athletic failures are trite.

3. Do not choose anything overly dramatic or that would call your morals into question. The reader should be able to relate to your failure, not be shocked by it..不要选择任何过于戏剧性的情节,否则将使你的道德受到质疑。您的失败应该是被别人联想到,而不是被震惊。

If you cannot clearly state what you learned from the incident or the actions that you took to amend it, then pick something else. When you are writing, take a simple, straightforward, objective tone. Do not try to excuse your actions. Let your story speak for itself. Keep your essay as concise as possible.如果你不能清楚地说明你从事件中或者为补救它你采取的行动中学到了什么,那么,您还是选点别的什么东西。在你写的时候,尽量采取简单,直观,客观的口吻。不要着力于为自己的行为辩解。用你的故事来自己说话。让你的行文尽可能精简练。


Describe an ethical dilemma you experienced firsthand. How did you manage and resolve the situation?

Example of What Not To Do. This is a poor answer to this question.

In April 1995,[company] had been repeatedly contacted by the management team of a factory in [city], who presented their company as a potential [deal] prospect. However, our prior investigations had classified the company as an also-ran, without great potential for improvement. We reasoned that a visit would be a waste of time and served no viable business purpose, but wondered: why not utilize this opportunity to wring industry information out of the factory? Afterwards, we could simply state our lack of interest with no loss on [company]'s part except travel expenses. Looking back, I recognized the dishonesty inherent in my team's motives, but rationalized that the cover of being interested in the factory was a professional necessity. In any case, no one would be hurt, or so we surmised.

Most of the visit went smoothly; under the guise of interested investors, we toured the factory and interviewed management, laying the groundwork for negotiations that I knew would never occur. The factory manager was extremely responsive in providing answers and was a gracious host, toasting us with eloquent speeches at dinner. Afterwards, as we prepared to return to our hotel to arrange the next day's travel, he surprised us by announcing a special post-dinner presentation. Following a short car ride down a deserted dirt road, we were brought to a ominous, isolated building and led inside. As we walked through the door, I recall nervously questioning what we were doing there and wondering if the factory had somehow learned of our true disinterested nature.

The first thing I noticed inside the building were the five hundred men, women and children in the room standing and applauding us; we were led to the seats nearest to the stage. Immediately, a group of young girls, perhaps ten years old, shuffled onto the stage and began to chime "song 1" and "song 2" in broken, but perfectly understandable English. The program on the table in front of me detailed a list of art demonstrations, comedy routines, and musical/dance exhibitions which were to be performed by troupes of workers and their families. The two-hour show displayed a great deal of time and effort and was truly one of the most special, and painful, memories from my time in [country].

I remember my ensuing letter of rejection to the factory with a sense of regret. I wish I could say I managed this dilemma well, but I realize that I failed to account for the fact that [country] factories are more social, educational and vocational unit than workplace. By not giving thought to the consequences of our actions, my team had caused wasted effort and dashed hopes. Through this, I have learned a valuable lesson on integrating business and ethics, and have vowed to utilize this insight into all of the decisions I make.
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1.Describe an ethical dilemma that you encountered during the past 4 years.
How did you handle it and what did you learn from it (200 words)?

I really didn’t have any interests in arts studies. But my parents believed that a career in art was a right choice and best fit a girl like me. Though I didn’t agree with them, I choose arts as my major to fulfill their expectations because I didn’t want to make them sad by not listening to them.

During my x years studying arts in UBC, I found that actually my great interest was in business; I have a strong motivation to be a successful business person. I frequently questioned that choice having been made: “to work in a job I am not interested could make me happy?”, But how would my parents feel if they know my changing my study direction? They are my parents, they work so hard to make money and support my study here. How could I make them disappointed?

I couldn’t focus my attention on the studies. I asked my friends for advice, I pondered this over and over; Finally, I decided to convince my parentslast winter for my plan to change my study direction.

Now, I realized that I made mistake to follow my parents’ instruction. If I had made better decision by convincing my parent’s years ago, I would have been getting less difficulty in my study.

For a better decision, make it right way, don’t delay until the things tend to be uncontrollable.

2.What qualities do you have that will make you successful in a Business degree program? (200 words)

I am from a business family near Shanghai, a business symbol of china. I learned a lot of stories of those successful business people in my hometown. I am an easygoing person and trustable to all my friends and classmates, I have good organizational and communication skills and sensitive in numbers. I am a person who constantly set higher goals. Like a climber, when having climbed one peak, I would look beyond to the next highest and never stop.

I have been accumulating some business experience in my hometown and in Vancouver where I voluntarily worked for a community website involved in the entire benefit cycle, I have a strong motivation and ready to dedication my time and power to study in the business degree program

I am quite confident that I have the main qualities important to gain achievement in a business degree program.
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